- Made of Carbon Graphite -

Achieve the Perfect, Charcoal Flavor Indoors With This Carbon Graphite Grill

Grill every day, rain or shine, with GRILL-X, the compact indoor grill that uses a carbon graphite grill plate to give you juicy fish, meats and vegetables with a delicious charcoal taste.

  • Year-round grilling right from your kitchen
  • Compatible with gas & electric stoves 
  • Minimal smoke

Carbon Graphite Grilling Plate Creates Smokey Charcoal Flavor

GRILL-X uses a carbon graphite plate with the same composition as charcoal, giving your fish, meats and veggies that irresistible charcoal flavor without the mess or smoke.

  • Emits 4x the far-infrared heat as gas cookers
  • Fast-acting heat locks in flavor
  • Wavy design lets grease drip off & evenly distributes heat
  • Perfectly sears fish and meat

Convection Airway Design Makes It Juicy on the Inside, Crispy on the Outside

GRILL-X is designed with a space between the main frame and lid so air can come in through the sides, hit the lid and flow downwards to create a current of warmed air.

This expertly crisps the skin of fish and chicken while keeping the inside juicy.

Store It Anywhere—It’s Compact & Lightweight

Compact Size: 20cm x 34cm x 9cm

Weights Just 4.4 lbs

Store It Anywhere—It’s Compact & Lightweight

Grill every day if you want—it’s never a hassle with GRILL-X.

All you do is set the grill over the heat source, add your meat and cover it to cook! When you’re done, just wash the grill plate in the sink.

What’s Included With Your Grill

  • Main frame
  • Lid
  • Carbon Graphite Plate
  • Recipes